How to Get Better at BattleBit Remastered – Simple Tips

Here’s how to get better at BattleBit Remastered with some easy and simple tips that both beginners and experts need to know.

Combining Magazines

Running out of magazines with enough bullets can become a problem for some players, but you can combine your magazines in BattleBit Remastered to give yourself full magazines. Holding down the ‘P’ key (by default) will allow you to consolidate your magazines. It’s worth noting though, that that ‘P’ key isn’t exactly a suitable location, so key bind it to something more suitable so you can combine your mags on the move.

How Armour Works

BattleBit Remastered has an armour system and if you’ve been playing the game for just a short period of time, you might have noticed that some enemies seem to absorb a lot more bullets than others. Your Armour System is found in your characters menu and can give you a wide verity of different perks – Not just a health increase. Perks include more magazines, fast running speed, faster aiming speed, more throwables, and more. So make sure you change your armour based on your playstyle.

Bonus tip: Once your armour is broken, only your base health will be healed when beiong revived/bandaged.

Building Cover – Fortnite Style

Building cover in BattleBit Remastered is something overlooked by most players, but in our opinion is a great tool in being able to stay alive given the game has a lot of large open spaces. Holding the middle mouse button or the ‘O’ key opens the build menu that allows you to build cover.

Once again, key binding the keys to an appropriate location that feels more comfortable for you is the best way to build cover faster.

Headshots Are Key

If you’re familiar with almost every multiplayer shooter, you probably know that headshots deal more damage and in BattleBit Remastered, it’s no different. Not only will headshots kill your enemies faster, but it will also give you three times the amount of XP points to allow you to rank up faster.

How to Revive Better and Faster

Reviving teammates in BattleBit Remastered is a must – Not only is it vital for teamplay, but the points awarded to the player for reviving will help you rank up fast.

To revive other players better and faster, you can actually revive whilst dragging. By default, the revive key is on number ‘3’, but binding the key to a more suitable location will allow you to drag players and revive them at the same time.

Changing The Range For Snipers

Sniping in BattleBit Remastered can be a tad difficult to start, but changing the scopes range will allow you to hit your targets more consistently. By default, you can hold down ‘ALT’ and use your mouses scroll wheel to adjust the range.

As you progress, you can also use the ‘Range Finder’ attachment to be even more consistent with your shots.

Don’t Neglect Proximity Chat

Proximity Chat in BattleBit Remastered is one of the most important things you sound listen out for when playing the game. Not only can you hear the voices of your team mates in the game, but you’ll also be able to hear the enemies. So, for example, you might be able to get the jump on some enemies who are planning a flank by just listening out.

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