Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings Quest Guide

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings side quest can be acquired during Chapter 1 whilst exploring Druid Grove – Here’s how to complete the Find Your Belongings side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Find Your Belongings Fast Guide

  • When to Unlock – Act 1 – Chapter 1
  • Where to Unlock – Druid Grove
  • Quest Giver – Mattis

How to Complete The Find Your Belongings Quest

As you make your way towards Druid’s Grove, you’ll find a small Teifling child named Mattis, who will be eager to show you a coin. No matter how you chose to engage in the conversation, you’ll find that after it’s finished you’ve been pickpocketed and gain a new side quest to find your belongings.

After the conversation with Mattis, you’ll see a child go down some ladders. When you follow the child you’ll find that you won’t be able to fit through the rocks in other to get your belongings back, so go back up the ladders and speak to the other Tiefling child named Doni.

If you have an Enlarge/Reduce scroll that you don’t mind wasting, you can get into the hideout by shrinking yourself, but we would advise just speaking to Doni.

Doni unfortunately only communicates by grunting, but all you need to do here is choose the “Try to see what he’s looking at” prompt, which will allow you to observe him disappearing through a concealed hatch. After you’ve spoken to Doni, return to camp and take a long rest to trigger the next day. Then you’ll be able to retun to Doni and ask him how to open the concealed hatch, of which will give you access to the Tiefling Hideout hidden within the Druid Grove.

Once inside the Tiefling Hideout, you’ll see another Tiefling child named Mol. Question Mol about your missing belongings, which will eventually prompt you on a mission to recuew Anabella. Complete the mission of resucing Anabella and Mol will then return your belongings.

Overall, It’s Pretty Easy

Overall, it is pretty easy to complete the Find Your Belongings side quest. We’ve found that there are alternative ways to complete the quest, but in our opinion this is the most straight forward.

Let us know down in the comments below if you successfully managed to complete the Find Your Belongings Side Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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