How to get Call of Duty Early (Getting Video Games Early)

Every year, fans of Call of Duty desperately try to get their hands on the latest Call of Duty early to be ahead of the game. Today, we’ll be showing you 4 easy ways to get any video game early, no matter where you live.

Independent Video Game Stores 

Independent Video Game Stores are your best bet in being able to secure the game early. However, be warned. It is illegal for retailers to sell copies of video games early, so you must be cautious. Do not email, ring or message the store online, but instead walk into the store in person and ask if they have the game available to purchase right now. It’s possible you will be turned away, however for an extra $10 or $20, you’ll be surprised at how many independent video game stores will sell you a copy early.


eBay is a tricky one, but it’s still possible to buy a copy via the website. Simply searching “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Early” will show you a load of listings for the game. But be careful on the wording used in the listings, as sometimes the wording states the game will arrive to your house on or after the official release date.

Gumtree, Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace and more

Gumtree, Craiglist and the Facebook Marketplace are great website in being able to find yourself an early copy of almost any video game. But be wary as meeting a stranger in person to hand over money always carry’s a risk. We suggest that you meet the person with a friend to avoid a deal going bad. Once you receive your copy, open the case in front of them and ensure the game in genuine.

Simply Games and Online Retailers

Simply Games is a great online video game website and often ships games a couple of days early to ensure you get it on time. In recent years, Simply Games has apparently been put under pressure from publishers to make the retailer stop shipping games early, however if you’re lucky, one might turn up at your door aa couple of days before release date.

All of these methods carry a risk when it comes to buying video games early, but every single years thousands of people manage to pull it off. We’ve personally been getting video games early for the past 8 years and every year we find more and more independent retailers willing to sell the games to make an extra buck or two.

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